If you’ve never done anything like this before, and the whole idea seems intimidating, please consider taking a Saturday to come ride with us and get a little experience. We’ve had quite a few people attend the last couple years clinics, and for them it was a very valuable experience: to learn how experienced riders plot out GPS coordinates, plan routes, balance point values, etc, then have a short (4-hr) mini-rally to practice the skills that have been introduced. After the mini-rally, we score you with the same process that we use during the main event, feed you some pizza, then discuss what worked and what didn’t. And it’s free. (Cool, huh?)


How to register for the September 4th 2021 (Saturday) rally clinic (one-step process):

If you’re registered to ride the rally this October, just send an email and let us know. Please include your previous rally experience.


Because of the demand and time constraints, this event is limited to ONLY the folks that have registered to ride with us this October, and have ridden TWO or FEWER previous rallies.


Here’s what a few of the previous year’s participants have to say:

Brett Morehead (3rd place finisher): “The BigTexRally was my first ever Motorcycle Rally and it was such a great experience it blew me away.  Thanks to Wayne and his BTR team I had an experience far exceeding any expectation that I could have imagined. If you are reading this and saying I love to ride but I am not sure about riding a rally; you need to meet Wayne and his BTR team by going to the BTR first time rally rider’s Rally Clinic – it gave me the knowledge and confidence to ride and thoroughly enjoy the BTR.  Now I am hooked and I cannot wait to see what Wayne is cooking up for us in the BigTexRally 2014!”

Scott Johnson: “As someone totally new to rallies last year, the clinic was hugely instructional.  From help mapping a route, to plugging into (mapping software) and GPS, to documentation, etc, etc.  It was all excellent.  Even though the instructors are widely experienced, us newbs were put at ease instantly.  I felt no pressure and enjoyed the process from start to finish.  I found the Q&A session at the end to be equally valuable.  There are so many tips and tricks that only come from experience.  To benefit from other’s experience (and not have to learn the hard way) was a great introduction to the world of rallying.”

Mark Rickards: “The BigTexRally 2013 was my first rally. In hindsight, participating in the Rally Clinic was the single greatest contributor to not only my successful completion of the Rally, but to my enjoyment of both the planning and execution phases of the event. At the clinic, I learned some fundamental techniques--including that the difference between what you think you can do (planning) and what actually gets done (execution) can be significant. The 4 hour practice rally was key in that learning. Most importantly, I found out at the clinic that the organizers and staff of the Rally are nice people who are truly interested in making sure all participants have fun and stay safe. I strongly encourage anyone interested in doing the BigTexRally 2014 to make time to attend the Rally Clinic. It's well worth the time."

Troy Martin: “The BTR clinic really helped me to figure or how to import, categorize, and identify, bonus locations, which is a necessary skill to have for rallying. Plus it was a lot of fun to get a taste of what's in store and how the scoring would work. (Now if only it included a practice call-in bonus...)” 😁

Frans & Bettie De Wet: “As a ‘2UP and a NEWBIE’  - to a rally scavenger hunt - the Rally Clinic 101 – gave us the basic info & tools to plan a route – took the EDGE off  the uncertainty - pumped the adrenaline to get started, ride our first rally and never looking back !”