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The BigTexRally is a motorcycle rally that encompasses the entire state of Texas. Kind of like a scavenger hunt on two wheels, this rally is designed to be a fun challenge for riders with all levels of experience. Where you go will be largely up to you: high plains drifter? twisty mountain roads? piney woods flower-sniffing? Chances are, you’ll do it all.  

This year, things will start a little differently.
There will be only one event: the 66 hour and 36 minutes rally that will commence on MIDNIGHT, Thursday 14 October 2022, and conclude at the endpoint in the Dallas area at 6:36 PM, Saturday 15 October 2022. Each rider will travel to various locations across the state, taking digital photographs of places that they visit, and in a few cases, maybe collect some some small object. Each of these locations or items will have various point values based on complexity, effort of travel, and how cool we think the places are. There is no way to go to each and every one, so there will be some element of planning, and each rider's travel plan will likely be somewhat different than all others, creating the opportunity for each participant to have a unique adventure. Plan your little route, run around to the different locations, send us the photos as you travel, then make it back to Dallas in time for the finish. We'll add up everyone's scores, feed you, give you a couple drinks, listen to your stories, and all will have fun.

Riders will receive an email on Saturday 1 October 2022 that will contain a digital file of all available locations that may be visited. There will be an alpha-numeric code that identifies each, but there will be no point values attached to these files, and no description of what needs to be accomplished. All riders will meet a one mustering point on Thursday, 14 October, and after a short check-in will given at that time what instructions that they need to begin their ride.


Oh my lord, scoring has been the traditional beat-down that is the bane of all rally organizers and most riders. We used to have all the riders come rolling in, bearing with each of them a digital camera, give them a place in line to go through scoring, then enter each photo into a spreadsheet to tabulate the scores. We still have scar tissue from all that. But when we started out, this game was much more primitive. Smart phones? A dozen years ago, there was not the near-complete proliferation of such high-tech gadgetry. So with the advent of new technology and wide spread adoption, we're dumping the rally-finish scoring in favor of having the players submit their photos with their phones as they progress. This ought to kill the bottleneck that has plagued events for years, and keep the end of the event focused on the fun, the stories, and the fellowship. 

Here’s some stuff to remember:

  • This isn’t about speed. It’s quite possible to roam about the state at a leisurely pace, have enough time to see some cool stuff, and still do well.

  • This is about motorcycle riding, not computer science. While it is useful to have a computer, our goal is to construct a rally that a beginner can participate in using no more than a GPS-enabled smart phone, a paper map.

  • There will be a mandatory rest period. You’ll have the flexibility to use it however you need, and we’ll make it worth your while to stop.

  • The best parts of the state are not along the interstate. The original idea of this rally grew out of so many people asking us if the entire state looked like I-40 across the Panhandle.

  • There will be a minimum number of points to be considered a ‘finisher.’ But don’t worry if you can’t cut it, we’ll still feed you, and you’ll still get some good stuff to take home.